An MIC talk can explain the rules about Sentencing

When a defendant is either found guilty or pleads guilty they are convicted of the crime(s) they have been charged with.  The magistrates have to impose an appropriate sentence which means that Sentencing Guidelines have to be followed.  These Guidelines ensure that the punishments administered in each defendant’s case are fair, equitable and consistent, not only within one particular Court, but in Courts across the Country.

This does not mean that defendants who have committed the same type of offence are sentenced in the same way.  While the sentencing process is consistent the outcome may be different because each offence, each victim and each offender are different.

Usually the press and media cannot tell all the facts and the public often get the wrong impression as to the sentencing powers magistrates have.  So no matter how big or small your organisation is, we would welcome the opportunity of explaining to your members, workforce, students or pupils how the criminal justice system works.  They will hear directly from active or recently retired Magistrates.

 For further information please contact the North Cheshire MIC Team via email:  or telephone 07764 313783



Talks can be tailored to suit your needs, for example by an informal talk, a more participative sentencing exercise such as acting out a mock trial, or a Q&A session – the choice is yours.

The aim of the North Cheshire MIC Team

We aim to increase awareness and understanding of the work of magistrates, and to raise the public’s confidence in the role of magistrates and the criminal justice system.


The purpose of the Magistrates in the Community Team (MIC) is to increase public awareness of the role of magistrates in the criminal justice system.

The North Cheshire MIC Team enjoys visiting primary and secondary schools, 6th forms, further and higher education colleges, community groups and businesses to give talks and to discuss:


Did you know ?

  • Magistrates deal with 95% of all adult criminal cases that are brought to court

  • In 5% of cases, because of the seriousness, the Magistrates Sentencing powers are insufficient

            and these cases have to be sent to the Crown Court.

What Magistrates in the Community do

For further information please contact us via email:  or telephone 07764 313783

Winners of the National MIC Team of the Year Award 2006 and 2011

Registered Charity No. 216066

North Cheshire MIC Team
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